Data Grid2 Highlighting and sizing

Hello all   I am using Data grid 2 in which i want to highlight a particular row on selection to a particular color (based on an attribute value) and also i want to know to reduce the size of particular column is there any other way to reduce the size – currently the size of my column is fixed to Manual 1 and i want to reduce it further, is there any other way to do that.
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Hi Abhishek,

for datagrid2 try to change the size of column from manual to auto-fill

or add a class for the datagrid2 and on inspection window you can see the grid-templete column property you try to overwrite it with your custom code as of lessthan 1fr it will help for reducing column size 

for changing the color on different values use the dynamic classes where your code needs to in the format of changing background color to the row of datagrid2.


hope this helps.