Cancel button inside of a Tab

I have several tabs in one page. Each one has an Edit button, and a Cancel button. Each form is complex, with a lot of associations. If I edit one tab, then another one, if I click on Cancel in the first, it cancels also the second. Is there a way to link a Cancel button to only one form?
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Hi Ariel Darmon - TOCnDIX,

You are facing this problem due to association because you are editing object associated with other object which is not committed yet, so when you click cancel it revert all changes in that association till root object.

So as workaround you needs to create cancel button on which you will be just closing edit page. You can have cancel button with ‘’Cancel Changes” for first edit page and all other just close page.

And also you need to take care of committing objects on save btn, which also you needs to do on first edit page save action.

Hope this solution helps you.

Thank you.