Update Marketplace Widgets

Hi,   I have a question about Marketplace widgets.   If I create a new blank app, there are multiple widgets that are not connected to the marketplace, Datagrid is an example. It shows the version of the widget, but you can’t automatically update it. I tried deleting and reinstalling Data Widgets, but that does not help, still Unknown Marketplace version. Is the Update Widget functionality not working?   Thank you.
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Hello Rob, nice to see you also here ;)
The widgets of Mendix can be found on Github: https://github.com/mendix/widgets-resources

But some widgets are a bit special. To my knowledge the datagrid widget ( https://github.com/mendix/DataWidgets-module ) is the only one because some of the functionality is tied to the Mendix modeler version. So only by upgrading your model could you upgrade your datgrid widget.