How to restrict uploaded files specific count of 5 only in file dropper widget?

Hi all, I am using File dropper widget to upload multiple files. I have provide restriction to file type as ‘.jpg,.png & .pdf’ and file size 20 MB as max 5 files will be uploaded at a time. All these restrictions are provided from the properties tab of File dropper widget.  These restrictions are working fine but the problem is with upload of maz file count. When I upload more than 5 files at once then it shows me error message like ‘Max count of file upload is reached try deleting files to upload more’ . That is perfectly fine but when I reload the page it allows me upload more files which I don’t want. For that, I used a before commit microflow in which I’m retrieving the list of uploaded files from DB and used a aggregate function to get count of files uploaded. But still it is not achieving my goal. Can anybody help me with this?   Thanks in advance.
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Hi Chaitali,

  • Add a new non persistable entity and add the name field in that entity.
  • Map the non persistable entity to the Verification entity as shown below and map the name attribute.
  • Call a new microflow in ‘Before Accept Mf’ and process the each uploaded files