Search in Datagrid Doesnt work for Associated DatHub Entity

In My app DataGrid is Used ,and the search attribute which has association From Local entity to Datahub entity,Throws Exception" Caused by: com.mendix.connectionbus.retrieve.RemoteSourceRetrievalException: Attempted to retrieve remote sources List(com.mendix.datastorage.model.Model$ModelLocalEntitySourceImpl@2c0e2b69, com.mendix.datastorage.model.Model$ModelQueryBasedRemoteEntitySourceImpl@233733a1). Mixed source retrieval is currently not supported" What can be solution to achieve search?
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Hi Ketaki, unfortunately as the error says  – mixed source retrieval is currently not supported – this is because when searching using a datagrid, the runtime constructs it's own xpath queries to the database. However- since this is OData/external data, it doesn't live in the database but rather at the external source.


To be able to search on external data, try exposing search endpoints on the published OData source, so you can consume them using queries in a microflow-implemented search instead: