Tree Table widget expand issue

We are using tree-table widget which has option of expand whole tree but this works only when you manually expand entire tree once so the nodes are populated in HTML(Local) Is there any option to expand whole tree intially rather than doing it manually everytime?
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Hi Ashvek, 


It is only possible to expand the first level initially. This setting is placed on the ‘UI’ tab in the widget properties. If you wish to change the order of nodes, update nodes or replace nodes without the widget collapsing, it is possible to ‘replace’ a node. In your logic, you could: 


  1. Find the parent of the node that you wish to replace
  2. Create a new node and set it as the child of the parent
  3. Copy the values you wish to retain from your ‘old’ node. Update any values you wish to change
  4. Remove the ‘old' node
  5. Refresh the parent of your new node