Pluggable widget - modify list of Mendix objects by widget

Hi, I'm working on pluggable widget where I would like to have a list of objects. At the same time I would like to have a chance to edit attributes of these objects on mendix side by widget. So in result I have two things:              <property key="items" type="datasource" isList="true" required="true">                 <caption>Items</caption>                 <description />                </property>                          <property key="references" type="association" selectableObjects="items">                 <caption>ReferenceOptions</caption>                 <description>ReferenceOptions</description>                 <associationTypes>                     <associationType name="ReferenceSet"/>                 </associationTypes>             </property>              How could I make a change on references object to have them also on Mendix side?
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This is not possible at the moment. You need attributes on the main object/context, change them and call a microflow handler with the context and the listobject. Be sure to add the listobject yourself in the microflow. In the microflow change the listobject with the values from the context.