How to fix list view issue?

Hi all,   I'm new to Mendix, so sorry if this is something absolutely basic. I have a page set up that displays multiple orders next to each other by a template grid (inside a list view) this data is fed through a microflow that contains an expression.   Whenever only 1 order is matched, it just shows that order. But whenever we don’t enter any search id (i.e. when the entire list is fetched) it shows the same list again and again. This means For each row of the list view same template grid with the same details is getting repeated. Is it possible to limit the number of occurrences to one?   Image 1— This shows arrangement of widgets to show result on page        Image2---- This is image microflow which is used to get filtered/ searched data  
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Hi Ananta,

I am still not able to get the widget arrangement that you have but it feel like is the issue with data, you can actually put debug point and check what is list that is returned from microflow