Is there an Accordion widget that works in a Native Mobile project?

I was wondering if there was an widget for achieving the Accordion effect in a Native Mobile project. I see that there’s one package in Mendix Marketplace, but it seems to work only on Web projects… Also, could it be possible to adapt this Marketplace item for it to run on Native? Any ideas?
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Hi Rafael Lira,

I have added accordion on my native app, you can download from marketplace accordion
or search on toolbox accordion. 







native app, I remember why accordion is not supported on your app,MX v9.4.0?

when I working on MX v 9.7.0 I was looking for the same feature, unfortunately, accordion doesn't support it at that time.

what I did, there few things you need to do if u using MX 9.4.0.

or upgrade to mx v9.18.0+



1 Create a non-persistable entity, and add an attribute data type that should be boolean.

2. come back to the native page, drag a dataview, and call nanoflow to create an object with the same entity.

3 now  take 2 different buttons 1st  used for up and 2nd  used for down, call nanoflow for 1st button and set conditional visibility for both button. (pls see snapshot)

now for the 1st button call nanoflow to take the change object activity and the same for the 2nd button. set the value “not($yourenitiy/yourattritube)

4. set page visibility, select base on your attribute value= true 












Hope that helps you