Remove comma for data type integer in bootstrap widget

Hello everyone,   In our application we have an attribute called programID for which the datatype is integer and we need to multiselect those programID. So for that we are using bootstrap multiselect widget, here im facing one issue like i am able to multiselect the programID’s but i am getting commas in between for that programID’s. Please refer below screenshot for same. Can anyone guide me to remove those commas for that programIDs please?   Thanks in advance.
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What you see here are probably the thousand separators for the displayed values. Integers, when displayed on screen, react to the localization settings of your app and use the appropriate thousand separators for the app's language/localization.


If you use a String data type instead of Integer, no thousand separator will be used. Or, of you have to use Integer because of database reasons, you could use the toString() function tot convert the value to a String before displaying it. Mind you, the value is still stored as an Integer, only displayed as a String.