Autocomplete multiselect widget

Hello Team , I’m using Auto complete Multiselect widget . In this widget we do have a option for storing the selected value . That is ‘Response’ . In response attribute we are able to see the selected value . But it is in title : key format . for Example , If I select CCT-1 , CCT-2 . Then it will come as [{"title":"CCT - 1"},{"title":"CCT - 2"}] , I’m getting the value with format . Whenever I’m trying to pass this value to somewhere I got the error . Because it is not only passing the value and it is passing the value in JSON format . How can I convert from JSON object to Mendix object in microflow Can someone help me on this .  Thanks in advance for your valuable time.  
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What you are getting is a JSON structure. Each thing between {} is an object there. You can easily use an Import Mapping to map that to new objects. 

So if you purely want the assigned in “title” values, I would suggest to import “response attribute”-json with an import mapping action in a microflow. And then iterate over the list of objects and build a seperate string value that only holds the title values.