Pluggable widget - is there a possibility to use mendix/lib/MxObject

I;m working on pluggable widget in mendix and I would like to ask is it possible to use below API in react pluggable widget app? And if it is possible, how to do that?
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Hi Dariusz,


The client api you referred to is for use in JS actions/JS snippets, for pluggable widgets refer to The pluggable widget api


If you let us know what you're trying to achieve, we might be able to point you in the right direction


Hi Darius,


You might have to implement ListActionValue API

You can define an action with a datasource that can be executed in this way.


I don't know anything about your usecase but have you considered using a JS action instead?



Good luck!




Even though the answer is already accepted; it IS possible to load the client API inside a Pluggable widget. There are use cases for widgets where this is needed as I needed to do this in the past several times as well. 

Why do you think you need the client API?