How to refresh Microflow inside a widget programmatically in Mendix 8.

Hi, Context: We would like to create an autocomplete widget with lazy loading(loading 10/20/30 based on the configuration) and the widget should refresh the results from the server based on the search string. Initially, the widget would contain the first 10 items. When the user intends to filter for “tig”, then the microflow has to be refreshed –  pick the latest results from the server and populate the widget.   Approach: Used the customdropdown( version 2.5.0 and tried to refresh the microflow based on user’s input. But there is a challenge in refreshing the microflow.   In the loadOptions method, if the microflow is refreshed manually using a separate event, then the microflow is getting called but the response is not returning to the widget.   In mendix 9, there is an option to refresh microflow using options.reload() (where options is the datasource) but that function doesnt exist in version 8.   Anyone has any suggestions to fix this issue?
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Have you seen the Autocomplete widget in the Marketplace, it should do what you need, calling back to refresh results automatically.

I hope this helps.