Gallery Items Not Updating When Changing Datasource through Xpath

Hello, I currently am using the Gallery data widget in my web app.  The gallery shows the motor objects that need to be installed for the selected project.  The project gets selected by the user on a previous page, there is a nanoflow that is supposed to retrieve the motors specifically for that project (entity = StandardMCGeneralNamplate), and then show the page with the gallery.  If the user changes their selected project, then the gallery should show the motors for the newly selected project.  However, I can’t get the gallery items to change with that project change.  It always just shows all motor objects for all projects.   Can someone help me understand why the gallery doesn’t change it’s values when I change the list of objects from the entity in the nanoflow?   Here is the nanoflow that is supposed to retrieve the list of motor objects for the selected project (attribute is part of the UserSettings parameter):   Here is the page with the gallery:
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If you haven't committed your UserSettings after setting the new project in it, your first retrieve in the microflow maybe doesnt retrieve what you expect, but I cannot see what is in that retrieve from the picture…..