How to clear all the text boxes in data view after save the object

Hi, I want to clear all the text boxes in data view after click on save button without closing the page so how to clear all the fields in dataview. 
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Hi, the text boxes in a data view represent the contents of the attributes. If you want to clear the text boxes, this means you want to delete the contents of attributes, which doesn’t really make sense to me because you want to save something.


Let me assume some things: you want to have some input fields and when someone saves you want to create a new input possibility for a new entry. If this is true you could do 2 things (and probably more):

  1. Transform the save button to a microflow and save the input, but also create a new object of the same entity. Then show this new object. Now your text boxes are empty.
  2. Create a (non-persistent) helper entity the serves as a placeholder. When you click save, create an object of a persistent entity, copy the contents of the attributes and save (commit) the persistent entity. Now empty the attributes of your helper object. 

Is this what you want to achieve or did I make wrong assumptions?