How to scan RFID tags in mendix application

Hi all,   There is requirement in my project to scan RFID tags using scanning device. I have below questions: Is there any specific widget available in marketplace to implement this. How can I connect external devices (in my case RFID tags scanning device) to my mendix application. Note: I am finding this solution for web application. Any help will be appreciated, Thanks in Advance.   Thanks, Rahul Patil
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Hi Rahul,


The most scalable solution is an RFID reader that can scan and publish a message on MQTT. Mendix has in the Marketplace 3 MQTT modules. I’m using, but when using AWS MQTT broker, I would go for this:  I use the first one for AWS too.


You can build an app without additional logic (like MQTT) if you choose an RFID reader that emulates a keyboard in your app over a supported browser. The disadvantage is you need a computer with a browser for each RFID reader you need to implement. Of course, an Arduino or Raspberry can be used for this. This would also imply you need to be logged in. I would use the MQTT one to give access to a room, as the opener could also be triggered over an MQTT message. This will work if it is used for handheld scanning in a warehouse where RFID tags are driving by.


Handheld scanners with RFID and a browser should be considered in that case as a valid option too.


I would not advise using a JavaScript-integrated RFID as this would require staying logged in on the application, and it would be harder to make it resilient. 


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Hi Rahul Patil,


I am also looking for same use, Have you got any solution. Please Let us know



Nikhil Kumar S