update Widget Jquery to 3.6.3

Hi all,   I see that there are several questions about this in the forum. But I can't get my finger on it. For example the Recaptha widget. (This is one of the few to update) I want to update the Jquery in a widget from 1.11.2 to 3.6.3 , so what i do is: - Extract the widget with 7z - delete the jquery script 1.11.2 - add the jquery script 3.6.3 (downloaded from https://code.jquery.com/jquery-3.6.3.js) - zip the widget to mpk again.   But the widget will automatically return to 1.11.12 again.   I know for a fact I am doing something wrong. I hope someone can guide me in an easy way to solve this issue.   My thanks will be immeasurable    
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Hi Dennis Bemer,


Get the source code form git and update the Jquery and rebuild it.




Is it a dojo or react based widget? Since it uses jQuery I assume an older Dojo based widget. If so, the JS code also references the jQuery file in the lib folder. In that reference probably also the jQuery version is part of the name and reference. So, if that version is also loaded by another widget the widget will use that version again. 

Be sure to update the widget references in the JavaScript code as well. They start with something like require(