In {widget}.xml of StudioPro9, type=entity whether it can be used or not ?

In StudioPro8 How-tos,Build Widgets with XML indicate the type=”entity” can be used,I wonder if this is used in StudioPro9 ? After generating the component with type= "entity", add the component in StudioPro 9.20.0 and prompt "pluginWidget="true" "which should not be true. If the first question is available, how do I create or configure scaffolding?
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Hi Kai,


in principle it is advised to create Pluggable Widgets and only resort to creating new Custom widgets if really needed. The type="entity” setting in the widget XML is particularly available for Custom Widgets, not for Pluggable Widgets, which are typically loading data either via accessing an attribute of the data view the widget is in via type="attribute” or via accessing other data via widget XML type=”datasource".


Can you go for the Pluggable Widgets instead?