Get latitude and longitude in google map widget

Hi,   I am using the mendix maps widget. I'm trying to get the latitude and longitude of the point I clicked on when I click on the map. Is there any possibility to do this?   Thanks, Mikel Castro
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Hi Mikel,


You might want to check this forum post:

It seems possible with a JavaScript library called Leaflet.


Is this something that you are expecting?

What i did is not something what you need as a direct solution.

So after installing the mendix maps widget with a proper API Key to access Google Maps APIs. Run the mendix app.

Then in the browser console (see the image right side) write the JS helper code provided by the Google Documentation and you reach the desired result. (perhaps)


Since this is achievable you can simply do this via a Custom Widget or a Pluggable widget i think.

Good luck. Let me know if you found idea from this.