AnyChart version upgradation

Hi Reader,   I am using Column Chart of latest version of AnyChart.  I want to draw the pattern in the bars but it is not supported in plotly.js version 1.47.4 which is used in the latest version of AnyChart Any Chart | Mendix Documentation.   But the upgraded version of plotly.js has given the support of pattern in bars. How can I upgrade the Plotly version in any chart module?   Please suggest to me how can I achieve patterns in the bars of a column chart of anychart widget.    Thanks and Regards, Harshraj Singh  
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The repository

has in the package.json file


"plotly.js": "^1.58.5",


You can fork the repository. Change the version number to 2.18.2 (as of current)  and try to rebuild the widget. Then adapt the JSON with the pattern parts.


This needs widget building knowledge. Otherwise file a support ticket for this.