Using the slider widget for scrolling through images very fast

Hey,   I want to add a function in my app where a can scroll through images, which I uploaded before. I make it worked so far, that the slider changes an ID attribute that equals the ImageID of the images and therefore slides through the uploaded images, by only retrieving the image that equals the slider value attribute. I did that with a retrieve list microflow with a XPath constraint. The problem however is that this is quite slow and that I have to stay on a specific slider value for a very brief time, so that it displays its image.    My ideal functionality would be that this happens way faster and that I don’t really have to stay on each value of the slider to show its images. I don’t know if this is possible with the slider widget, since I assume this wasn’t really meant to be used for that, but I want to avoid to code my own pluggable widget for that. I would be great if someone could help me with this.
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I’m assuming you’re using the Carousel ( widget. One factor is the size of your images – the larger the images, the more time it will take to download them. Pre-caching the images would help, but this is not part of this widget. Take a look at other carousel type widgets in de Marketplace, perhaps;