Can anyone help me out with this dynamic image?

HI Experts, I am following learning path where I am stuck in following step in Screenshot. I am not able to do the following containers which are labelled as 1,2,3,4. I used dynamic image widget but then not able to add the other labelled container. Can anyone help me out step by step how can i build the following given in the screenshot below please?
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Hi Harsh,


From your Toolbox, add a Dataview into your Page and select as Datasource Profile Picture from the Context TeamMember. I hope that this Object is already in your Page.


Add a Container in this DataView. In the Properties of this Container you will see Common-> Class.

Add there form-group.

This was nr1.


In this Container add a Text.

Now, add there the class control-label. ( Same as before: in the Properties, Common, Class.. )

This was nr2.


Under the Text add an another Container and set the class to flexcontainer flex-center.

This was nr3.


In this container add an another Container.

Add flexitem to the class.

This was nr.4


In this Container add the Dynamic Widget from your Toolbox. As Datasource select the ProfilePicture.

Add the class img-circle.

This was nr.5


And now you have the Skill to solve nr6 alone :-)


Good Luck, you can get it.

Best Regards