Show reference set selector as a text area or data grid

I’ve got an input reference set selector on a page. The selector has a datasource of over 1500 items. When the user selects their choices, the selected items don’t have much visibility. They are mixed in with the selected items on the select page, and the list is cut off when shown in the input box.   What I’m wanting is for the selector to be shown as an expandable text area or data grid on the page, so the user can choose to see all their selected objects. Is this possible with the current version of the Input Reference Set Selector?   I’m looking for a way to give the user better visibility over all the items they’ve selected.
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hi Nick,


You could try a listview or datagrid (over association) to show the choices of the user. For selecting new objects you could add a custom button to show the selection page. So you basically replace the reference selector by some custom logic. This way you have more control over the UX.


Hope this helps.