How do I build a Mendix widget from someone elses source code?

I want to use a slightly modified version of the file-dropper widget. I have gotten the source code from so I can make the changes. I know how to make a widget from scratch but do not seem able to figure out how I process the source code into a widget package, can someone please help me?   Many thanks in advance   Having tried Ganesh’s soultution:
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You have to clone the source code to your local machine

Place it in the CustomWidgets Folder in a mendix project

Also go through the SCRIPTS section of package.json file. From what i see you need to run 

npm run dev to have the scripts keep your files in watch mode while you integrate the widget into the mendix project and finish testing.


Once you are happy you can use npm run release to generate the mpk of the widget which you can distribute to anyone directly or publish to Marketplace.


Did you already try the above steps? if not, please give it a go and let me know if you are stuck anywhere. I can help out.