Is there any image widget to Mendix with zoom in / zoom out and rotate option?

Hello there,   I'm looking for a Mendix widget for images with a toolbar options for zoom, download and rotate images on viewer.   From what I've seen, Mendix's native “image viewer” doesn't have the option to activate this toolbar in its configuration, right? Thank you in advance for your collaboration!
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Are you looking for something like this?

If yes then you can give a go at making a Pluggable Widget.

First bootstrap a new pluggable widget as per the documentation. Then in the widgets main tsx file use the same React Component as mentioned in the above sandbox. Of course install the needed dependencies.

As you can see in the sandbox link, the component can take image as a URL or the base64 representation of the image. I think both can be managed by the wrapping Entity which encloses the Widget.

Let me know if i have put you in the right path. If not we can perhaps connect directly (from any social handles)