Tree Node displays every child node as an own node

Hi everyone, I have a situation that I want to use Tree Node widget but it isn’t functioning as I am expecting too.  Basically I have a domain model that looks like this: So the Topics entity is the parent entity of the Skills and whenever I am trying to use the tree node widget as this: Every Skill is being shown as a new node even though they have the same parent, like in the picture below: I would like to know, if somebody has any idea, why Programming is being shown into two nodes whereas it can be a single node with two children (Java and C#).    As an addition in the first-level children I would like to show also the level of proficiency that is connected to the Skill but until now it wasn’t possible.    I am making this question after hours of trying different ways and checking internet resources but until now didn’t manage to make something out of them. 
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Hi, a possible way is to add to the mode caption the “NameEn” attribute,

In the space below you can add a list view on the association with “Skilll” or, in the alternative, another Tree Node with the Caption edited to Skill.NameEn, and so on. If you want more detail, add a dataview widget before the next Tree Node.