Connection Error when filtering in Data Grid 2 with Microflow Data Source

Hi all,   I am experiencing a somewhat strange error which I cannot explain:   On an overview page we have a Data Grid 2 with Microflow data source. On several columns we have contains filters. The usage of the filters is as expected. However, when using two filters (text-contains & text-contains) we get an  Connection Error. This also happens sometimes when using only one filter. The logs do not show this error. My internet connection is stable.  
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Hi Alexander Gruisen, I tried using it but I didn’t get any errors. 

one the special function of datagrid 2 is filtering ,just by placing the filter in header column itself, it works based on the default filter condition you gave. I think the error occurred due to microflow .can you mention briefly what widget you used? because I couldn’t see datasource with microflow option in datagrid2 filter widget