How could i add action box Z ( edit and delete ) in same row in the datagrid

I just want to add edit and delete button in the same row in datagrid next to endtime column  How Could i do it? 
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You could try to do this in datagrid2

For example, make the first column an attribute of whatever entity. Then in the second column choose Custom

If the datagrid complains about needing an attribute for searching etc just choose the one you used in the first column. It won’t matter if you don’t want to do searching. You can also of course turn off the personalization of the grid and the search box radio button in the first tab.

Then, in the custom column field, drag in an action button. Change the caption to empty, and then pick an icon (say search for one with edit, but it does not matter). Set the button representation to link. In appearance tab set it to small size.

Now you will see an icon button behind the row. I always set the alignment of these to right so they’re at the right-most of the grid.

Then you can connect show a page to the button on click action and presto, an edit button on a row.

Unfortunate side effect of datagrid2 is that it is not as easy to populate as with datagrid1. I hope Mendix fixes this sometime soon. It just a lot of work to get the columns set up in datagrid2.