chart widgets behave ridiculously by default

Anyone has deep insight into Chart widgets? I am talking about the new widgets version 4.0.3 from marketplace.   I built a simple column chart, x-axis the user name, y-axis the amount. I believe the widget has understood my attribute setting because it show me the correct numbers. The ridiculous part, by default as I configured nowhere else about the layout or something, is the Y-axis is top down and starting from the minimum value of the attribute assigned to Y. It behaves like a super smart economist who is trying to disguise you into some fact by playing tricks on the starting point and showing a totally correct chart. However, in my case I don’t need such intelligence. What I need is to show me a regular chart following common intuitiveness (Y starts from 0 and crosses X at 0, axis from bottom up) without asking me to tweak any layout setting.   Is it a bug? If not, I would classify it as somewhere to get significant user experience improvement.
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