show image stored in a folder with Image Viewer module

Hi, I am working on an application that runs on an edge device in a docker container. The edge device is connected to 2 separate networks. The Mendix app receives data from the industrial PC and the UI of the Mendix app is accessed from the office PC. In the app, I use the Image Viewer module ( to display images in the UI that are stored in a folder on the industrial PC. Unfortunately, the module does not show the images in the folder. But I can display the images with the same URL (e.g. //visionpc/foldername/picturename.jpg with or without prefix file://) from another PC in the machine network in a browser. What am I doing wrong? Or is there another solution?
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If you can pass the location of the image you could create a Java action to retrieve that file from that location and store it as image. But that app must have read access to that file location. And do note that you then have a copy of that image in your database. So may be you also need a mechanisme to check first if that file is already in your database.