native pluggable widget with swift and kotlin

I would like to use android (Java/Kotlin) and IOS (Swift/ObjectiveC) inside native pluggable widget generated code.   i used the below command to generate the pluggable widget files yo @mendix/widget [widget name] but android and ios folders are not included in the generated files/folders and i tried to add them manually but its failed. the question is: how to add and configure the mentioned folders with mendix pluggable native widget     
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Thanks for your comment, i used to use Native Modules with react native cli and i can find ios and android folders inside the generated project structure.


I also used react-native eject command and generated the required folders but without any configuration so i cannot run/build it correctly in android studio.


I tried to use mendix native template but when i tried to run npm run configure command i get an issue related to missing config file.



I dont have a direct answer but since i know(i have read and see in the plugin code) the architecture is around the react-native components you have to think from that side.


That is, how would you write native code in react-native. When you explore on this, you will encounter Native Modules Its like a bridge between the Javascript Land to the Native land.


To explore more perhaps you can check the widget scripts for native