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Hello,   How to implement search on inner list view,  in below scenario i have one list view for all projects and its child list view for its entity, Relationship between project(1) to entity(*).    So, in list view when select data source as microflow it does not work, any other alternative widget or way to implement this ?     Design Mode   Structure Mode     In Browser So, here Project is parent entity and Entity is child entity and relationship between 1(Project) to *(Entity). So when i enter Entity name in text box it does not work because Entity name is in the child table.
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Hello Himanshu , 


  1. Add a search box widget above the child list view for entities.

  2. Bind the search box widget to a new variable in your page.

  3. Add a data source to your child list view that retrieves all the entities related to the currently selected project.

  4. In the child list view, add a filter based on the search query variable. You can use the "contains" operator to match any entities whose name or other properties contain the search query.

  5. When the user enters a search query in the search box widget, update the search query variable and refresh the child list view.

This approach should allow you to filter the child list view based on the search query entered by the user, and display only the entities related to the currently selected project that match the search criteria.


Hope it helps