Can I automate the large-scale replacement of widgets in my project?

I have a lot of simple input widgets that need swapping out. I’d prefer not to do this manually and introduce potential errors that need finding and fixing. What I’m looking for is a ‘find and replace’ function, or some other automation where I can: Map names, attributes, relationships and settings from the old widgets against fields in the new widgets Delete the old widgets Insert new replacement widgets exactly in their place with identical names, attributes, relationships and settings. Does this function already exist in the modeller? I can’t seem to find any reference to anything like it in any documentation or any other questions already asked.
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No, this feature doesn’t exist in Studio Pro.  When you update a widget in your widgets directory, Studio Pro detects all of the usages of that widget and generates an error notifying you of the change.  If you right mouse on one of these errors (in the errors tab in Studio Pro), you have the option of updating the individual widget or updating all instances of that widget.  If there are parameter or other changes, you’ll need to perform those manually.