Mendix Native Augmented Reality (AR) App

Hello everyone!    I’ve been developing an App for Mendix V24.0 with Augmented Reality Features. Mendix Marketplace - Native Mobile AR   It works perfectly! But only on the Make It Native 9 previsualizer.  I’ve generated the APK and everything on the app works, except the AR scanner widget, which won’t load. After researching on my problem, I found the following comment on the AR Documentation:    “Currently, only version 2 and higher of these widgets work with the Make It Native App. Make sure you use version 2 or higher for this app.”    So how can I publish my app with AR functionality? Do I need to publish it on a Node or something? And then enter to the Make It Native 9 and put the URL on the App-Field?    I’ve also tried to publish it on a free node, and then putting the URL on the Make It Native 9  (   The app loads after quite a while with no problem (images won’t show, but the functionality is there). Once I enter the page with the scanner widget it enters into a “load loop” (With the Mendix logo).   Thank you all for reading my post! 
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I tried this app recently

it works nice it's good you published

but it works with local run

use make it native

use images in web page on anonymous login

and try the examples on AR apps they work fine.

if you have specific error please share may be some screens shots help