How to add a dataview inside a template grid

Experts,         I need to refresh an object coming out of a microflow from a dataview. I want to check if it is possible to embed the dataview inside a template grid as the template grid has the refresh feature. Can anyone let me know how to add a dataview within the template grid as the grid usually expects a list.      Secondly, my dataview is used as an input source for creating a pie chart. Will there be a problem if I embed the dataview having a pie chart within it, to be embedded into a template grid?
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Hi Kalyan,

for the template grid to work, what you can do is, set the data source of the template grid to microflow,

now, create an NPE and add it into a list and return it, so, it will show a single object always,

Yes, it is possible to embed a dataview inside a template grid. To do this, you can drag and drop the dataview inside the template grid, just like you would with any other widget. However, you need to make sure that the dataview is configured to display a single object rather than a list. To do this, select the dataview and go to its properties. In the "Data source" section, make sure that the "Source" property is set to "Microflow" and the "Type" property is set to "Object".

Regarding your second question, there should not be any problem embedding a dataview with a pie chart inside a template grid. The pie chart will be displayed as a static image within the dataview, and the template grid will refresh the dataview as a whole. However, it would be best if you made sure that the pie chart is configured correctly to receive data from the dataview, and that the dataview is configured correctly to retrieve the data needed for the pie chart.


Hope it helps!!