Audio player for locally stored mp3 - rewind back and forth

Hi all, I would like to play an mp3 file on a page, which is stored locally in a FileDocument entity. To get the link of the file, I use an URL in the following format, which is automatically generated via microflow adding the file id to the URL. http://localhost:8080/file?fileID=3 To play the audio in the app, the link is embedded into an <audio control> HTML element which is working fine. The only thing is, that jumping to a different timecode in the player is not working. It’s only possible to start the audio from the beginning and pausing it. But e.g. starting from 00:10 is not possible.   I found out that this is an issue with the locally stored mp3 file. URLs of externally stored mp3 are working fine. I also tried out the ‘Play audio’ widget with the same result. While using an external URL, the rewind function is working well (for example like here: W3Schools Tryit Editor). Only for locally stored mp3 in the app, rewind is not working.   In the ‘Play audio’ widget, im not using the URL to point to the right file, but directly select the entity. Same result, rewind is not working. It seems that its not an issue with the generated URL but with the file itself.   Any ideas how this could be solved? Thanks! :)  
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