Is it possible to disable the standard validation of the datepicker widget?

My application requires the user to provide some personal information including a date of birth. I used the standard date picker widget for entering the date of birth. When user enters partial date(like just month 02 and tabout) the default Mendix error behavior triggered, and it blocks any other on change microflows/nanoflows that are on the page.   We tried this with default date format and custom date format(MM/dd/yyyy).
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Hi Vijayakumar Gade,

                                        I think The validation for  default datepicker widget can't be overridden, so you might need to implement this function with text fields and regular expression.

else you can try to handle the invalid date calculation in the microflow and set the date to empty and refresh the object. I guess you can use onchange microflow in react-datetime picker.

In your microflow check first if the date is empty and then check if the date is invalid , if yes, set the date attribute to empty and if valid , leave it as it is.

If the field becomes read-only even for valid date just I my case I use the default format and it works for me...
Hope it helps.