Page to edit tree node record

Hi all, I have a use case where the user would like to edit a record, but the record is in a tree-structured entity, like this:   In my POC, the closest I could get was using the Tree Table widget inside a templateGrid and a dataView listen the templateGrid:   I tried some scenarios, but without success: 1 - It is not possible to make the dataView listen to the TreeTable 2 - I couldn't make the Tree Table change the dataSource of the templateGrid, which would consequently change my dataView   My entity references itself:   Another point is that I saw in the documentation of the tree table that to make the click on the node work I need to configure a helper, but as my entity refers to itself, I am not able to configure the helper.     Would anyone have a tip to pass me or let me know if I'm going the wrong way?   I’m using Mendix Pro 9.24.0
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Probably, it is about relation type.


Can you check out that?