Template grid editability

How can we edit a check box inside a template grid ? 
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Hi Neha,

What you can do is,

you can use a list view and then, 

To set 2 items horizontal you can add the class lv-col-md-6 to the listview.

3 items in the row : lv-col-md-4

4 items in the row : lv-col-md-3  etc.

THis way, your listview will look like template grid and editability will be there also,


Let me know if you have any issues,

Hope it helps!!


Not sure what you mean exactly. If you mean that you added a checkbox to a template grid and it's not editable (greyed out and a blocking cursor), 2 things can be the case:

  • In the template grid 'Editable’ is set to 'False’. You can fix this by changing this to 'True’
  • Entity access is not configured correctly: The boolean attribute connected to the checkbox is not writeable by the logged in user.


If that is not the case, please explain with an example.


Hope this helps!