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Hi,  We are developing an app for our customers to see the live cameras of our services. We put the video in a https, for example “”. In our database we linked the customer with the cameras and each camera has the link of the video. We can’t reproduce this in standard video player.    What can be a solution for this?
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Hlw ,

As I know the video stream is using the RTSP (Real Time Streaming Protocol) protocol, which is not natively supported by most web browsers. To play the video stream in a web application, you would need to use a media player that supports RTSP, such as VLC or JW Player.

One solution could be to embed the media player in your Mendix application and use the player's API to control the playback of the video stream. You can pass the RTSP link of the selected camera to the media player as a parameter and start the video stream.