Chart sizes in tabs

I recently moved the charts in an app to the newer versions from Mendix.   These are much better in many respects, but I have now got an issue with how they display when added to tabs on a page. The legacy charts did not have this problem. I set my charts to be 100% width and 40% height. If I show them on separate pages, they show at this size. However if they are put on tabs on a page, the first tab shows correctly, but the others show much smaller (not 100% width). If I resize the browser window, they resize correctly. Similarly, if I set all tabs to “Refresh on show”, they resize correctly too. Using “Refresh on show” is not desirable though, because the chart is refreshed, so any filters I may have set will be cleared.   Is there a way to get all charts to show at the correct size on multiple tab pages, without refreshing them?
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