Is there a simpler way to select a microflow and entity to be used?

I’m working on a pluggable widget. In this widget, I want the developer using it to be able to select an entity and a microflow from the app to be used by the widget. Is there a way to do this where the entity could be selected, similar to the datasource selection pop-up where you can select from a list of the application’s entities or microflows? Ideally, each row in the image would have the “Select...” button and then present a list of microflows or entities, respectively. I’m hesitant to just use the datasource property type because I don't want to have to error check for the wrong datasource type.   Any advice or help is greatly appreciated, thanks!!  
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You can edit your xml attributes to allow selecting actions, which then allow the selection of a microflow. 

Same thing with an entity, if you go to the #object anchor of this documentation on pluggable widget property types