Native dependencies for pluggable widget

I'm working on a pluggable native widget to wrap a npm library (mx 9.24.2).   To include the library I go by these sources that all say pretty much the same. In short: "add the dependency in a 'myWidgetName.json' file" to the source folder.   After building a custom developer app, in the generated repo for the customer developer app, I would expect to see the dependency to appear in the ".native_dependencies" and "package.json" file. Both not the case.   Opening the app locally with the custom developer app results in two error's: TypeError: (0,b.useAnimatedStyle) is not a function. (In '(0,b.useAnimatedStyle)(function(){return{height:(0,b.withTiming)(a)}})', '(0,b.useAnimatedStyle)' is undefined) TypeError: undefined is not an object (evaluating '_.Gesture.Tap')   Maybe someone can point me in the right direction? Any thoughts or checks?   Thanks!
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