Want to display more than one attribute in a dropdown

Hi, I am new to Mendix. I have a question that I would like to know if possible. I have just connected an association of Entity:User objects to Entity:Role. The two associations in the image show the main role and sub role of that User. One problem arose here. We want to switch the User's role with a drop-down where we can select the Entity:Role that will be displayed on any screen this time. However, the dropdown can only display one attribute. So, how can I show two attributes in the dropdown, in this case the RoleName of 'User_MainRole' and the RoleName of 'User_SubRole'? Please give me your ideas on how to do this by Wigdet or microflow. Best regards.
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Hi Daichi,

you can try any of these widgets


Dropdown ReferenceSelector extension showing multiple attributes



Customizable dropdown



Hope it helps!!!


hi Daichi Miyuki,

1.You can use microflow to add all the roles to one attribute by the Loop(Note:  No commit, on new dummy Role object while create and adding to the Attribute) and Return the microflow to the Drop down. 

2.Or you can use the mendix market place component https://marketplace.mendix.com/link/component/117326