Populate dropdown from API source

Hi,   Currently I'm trying to populate a drop-down list from an API resource (https://evergreen-api.stealthpuppy.com/apps) with the Application Name.   With a MicroFlow, the results are collected to a list, which I want to use as the source of the drop-down list. https://i.ibb.co/vd4Cd62/Collect-Apps.jpg   On this forum for this specific use case you need a “Reference Selector”, I have read. In the properties of the Reference Selector, I select the microflow as the data source. The problem: I can't select a entity. The widget is placed in a object. I have added a Association between a Non Persistable Entity and the Persistable Entity. https://i.ibb.co/R29NndN/Collect-Apps.jpg   ​Please help.
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The association from Evergreen to JsonObjects should be the other way around.  I think you want to associate an Evergreen object to 1 JsonObject (the one you select in the reference selector).