The MultiFormatScanner barcode scanner work better then the newer Barcode scanner.

In our process, we use a lot of bar codes and those we need the scan with our Mendix app. Before we used a Hybrid app but in Mendix 9 this is no longer supported. In the Hybrid mobile app, we used the widget “Barcode Scanner for Hybrid Mobile” which is good at scanning tricky barcodes. Now we need another app because we are upgrading to Mendix 9. We found out with testing that with widget “Barcode Scanner” it is almost impossible to scan our barcode type 128. So we tried the older “MultiFormatScanner” and with this widget is it possible to scan our barcodes.   We know that our barcode are small so it is not easy to scan. 18 characters and 38 mm in width. Does anyone have any idea what we can do about it?
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