AnyChart widget transfers big chunk**.js file larger than 3.5MB

Hi, All I use the ‘AnyChart’ widget to render a simple Bar chart. The problem is that a performance issue was raised during the load testing phase. I checked the network resource usage, and I found the file ‘http://localhost:8080/widgets/com/mendix/widget/custom/AnyChart/chunk4334b15e075aeb68500c.js’ was transferred by AnyChart.js and the size was 3.5MB as you saw below screenshot. The resource wouldn’t transfer again because it goes to the cache and no longer transfers. But it reloads the resource from the server, not the cache, when the user restarts the browser because it was refreshed.   I looked in the widget package and found the chunk file.   The chunk file seems to be a customised version of plotly.min.js, making it work with the widget. Would you happen to know what that file is and how to reduce the network transfer of the resource? I appreciate any help from you.
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