Recommendation for implementing/using an autocomplete dropdown field

Hello everyone, For a new development I need to implement a dropdown field with a custom data source (from a REST API Call) and I was wondering if there is an already easy and pluggable solution for this, to share it with my team, with the following features:   Data source can be a microflow (to be hable to set a Call REST API action). The options should be refreshed everytime after typing, and should only start searching after a certain amount of characters. Pluggable solution is supported for the new Mendix 10 version. Optionally, the options displayed are customizable to display multiple attributes. Thank you!
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Hi Osvaldo,


the Custom Dropdown could be the answer,

is published by Mendix, but has Community Support and the last update is Jul 28, 2022.

It’s an interesting solution but I don’t know if it will receive future update, maybe contact the developer and ask some information about.


let me know if it works :)