Why cant we get datasource without it being a list

Hello to whomever is reading ,   I hope you are having a great day. Lately I have been required to get familiar with the plugable widgets for Mendix. So far so good. I enjoy the client api, it feels good enough. In Properties Docs it says that datasource can only be used with isList set to true and there is only an option for action. It seems that there are no posible ways to take single entities, microflows or nanoflows.   My questions are, Can I take a single entity as a parameter to a plugable widget Can I take microflows or nanoflows as paramters to a plugable widget   Any additional resources about the topic is apperiacted. Thanks for the help.   With warm regards, Emre  
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Hi Emre,


  1. I don’t think you can take a single entity as a parameter, you need to add the attributes one by one
  2. you can add microflows or nanoflows in pluggable widgets like in this example.


let me know if you have other questions,