Implementing calculator functionality

Hi everyone, has anyone implemented calculator functionality before. I  have downloaded this below calculator widget from marketplace but it has bug in Addition operation. Please guide how can I fix that issue?
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Hi suyug,

We can implement this without widget


  1. Create a new Mendix application or open an existing one in the Mendix Modeler.

  2. Open the page where you want to add the calculator functionality or create a new page for the calculator.

  3. Drag and drop input fields and buttons onto the page to create the calculator interface. You'll need input fields for displaying the numbers and an output field to display the result.

  4. For each button representing a number or an operator (e.g., addition, subtraction), create a microflow or nanoflow that will handle the button's click event.

  5. In the microflow or nanoflow, add actions to perform the desired calculations based on the button clicked.

  6. Use variables or context objects to store the input numbers, the operator selected, and the result of the calculation.

  7. Based on the button clicked, update the input fields and perform the calculation in the microflow or nanoflow.

  8. Set the calculated result in the output field.

  9. Configure the button's click event to trigger the corresponding microflow or nanoflow.

  10. Run your Mendix application and test the calculator functionality.